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Wuruhi Wairua Whatumanawa
::Note: This character is designed to develop and grow throughout my RP experiences, making him gradually stronger, faster, more powerful, etc. In light of this you must never assume him to be the same if you encounter him in RP more than once::
Name: Wuruhi (Wairua) Whatumanawa.
Meaning: Wolf Heart. Wairua means Spirit/Soul, and is a given nickname.
Age: Roughly 180 to 200 Years.
Gender: Male.
Race: Lycan.
Height: 6'4".
In Lycan Form: 7'2".
Den: Pango Huruhuru.
Meaning: Black Fur.
In his human form, Wairua is a tall Māori man who appears to be in his early to mid twenties. His head is beset by jet black hair and the left hand side of his face is covered with a traditional Māori moko (Tattoo).
His eyes are pale brown, who's inner corona's are laced with a much darker brown, giving a semi-radiating dark-to-light effect.
Around his
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Erys Allessika Mournheart
Name: Erys Allessika Mournheart (Carne)
Age: 627 (appears 20)
Gender: female
Species: Immortal dominant Hybrid
Physical Traits: 5'3, 110lbs (human form), 300lbs (lycan form); silver eyes with lavender streaks; white hair; pale skin; slight, lithe build (human); white fur (lycan)
Appearance:  very fair complexion, due to genetic mutation, transforms into a white lycan, generally wears loose fitting clothing
Personality: she is very quiet, shy almost and is generally reluctant to approach others, has been treated as somewhat of an outcast and therefore does not trust easily
Background:  Erys was born to Irish slaves in Iceland in approximately 1382.  Risking her life, her mother fled in the night to leave her on the doorsteps of a nearby convent.  She led a dull, sequestered life until the plague hit in 1402.  She spent most of her days tending to the ill, watching the other nuns around her die.  Because she survived untouched,
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Name: Jacquelynné 'Call me J or die'
Age: Looks early twenties. Probably older, but it's not polite to ask a lady her age.
Insists her birthday is Christmas, just so she can get more presents.
Gender: Female
Species: Vampyricus comminus (Common Vampyre)
Coven: The Leðrblaka
Trade: Teacher of the little'uns. Specialises in coaching the children through their first decade and the development of their basic strengths - flight, mental abilities, and their enhanced senses - but mainly looks after the brats because she's the only one that can stand them for long enough.
Physical Traits: Hazel eyes with blonde hair that's usually dyed with streaks of some zany color or another. Has a preference for neon green. Average height of 5'7" and slim, perhaps 100lb.
Appearance:  Usually found in paint-splattered overalls, telling of the somewhat questionable art classes she holds with the brats. Neon, eye-searing pink leggings
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Cael Tiernay
::Note: This character is designed to develop and grow throughout my RP experiences, making him gradually stronger, faster, more powerful, etc. In light of this you must never assume him to be the same if you encounter him in RP more than once.::
-> Name: Cáel Tiernay.
-> Age: 123 Years.
-> Gender: Male.
-> Race: Celtic - Vampiricus Comminus.
-> Coven:  Leðrblaka.
-> Height: 6"1'.
-> Appearance:
Cáel is a discreet man. He wears a clean, well fitted black suit (Nothing 'fancy'), and dark shades, his slightly pale face framed by dark, short cut hair.
His appearance is clean, but not immaculate. His observations of the world have taught him to maintain an air of relaxation, to look comfortable in any environment.
Inconspicuous is the name of his favourite game.
At all times while on duty or in the Chateau, Cáel has a small wireless headphone of sorts in his right ear. It's capable of interfacing with communicat
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Xiong Wei Hu
Name: 虎 威 雄 Xiong Wei Hu.
Age: 825
Gender: Male
Race: Felithropus panthera tigris (Common) Tiger Therian
Physical Appearance: Southern Chinese, 5'1, long black hair held in a bun, brown eyes, athletic body type.
Appearance: Xiong Wei Hu is a short (By today's standards), slight man of eastern appearance.
He looks to be in his mid 30's, but is over 800 years old.
He wears the traditional red tunic of a soldier of the Southern Han, Wu, this tunic is tied with a splendid sash, adorned with golden thread and yellow silk, bells are affixed to this sash, along with nine stars.
The sash used to belong to General Gan Xing, a notorious pirate of Jiang Dong who turned his allegiance over to Xiong Wei Hu's lord, Sun Jian.
He wears plain wrapped trousers and a pair of straw sandals, given to him by the great Lui Bei.
Weaponary: Xiong Wei Hu carries his weapons on him at all times, the sword of the Sun family (the tiger claw) given to him by Sun Jian's youngest son Sun Quan on
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Lorna Beckett
Name: Lorna Beckett
Age: 228 yrs. Born in 1782.(Appears to be in her early twenties)
Gender: Female
Race: Vampyre
Hair Color/length: Brown. Freshly cut to shoulder length.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 130 lbs.
Appearance: Lorna is curvaceous, yet lean. She typically wears black leather pants, slung off her hips, and her favorite black, off the shoulder tee. Hanging off of a durable utility belt are her two pistols in their holsters, her throwing knives, a Desert Eagle dubbed 'Maureen', and a severed human hand on a small chain, as if it were a lucky rabbit's foot. On her back, where her old claymore used to reside, is her new sword, 'Bob'.
You can almost always find a pack of cigarettes and lighter in one of her front pockets.
Personality: Lorna, simply put, is unhinged. She can go from quiet and observing, to raging storm in a little less than a second. She has a fierce temper, a ‘no bullshit’ attitude, and a lust for blo
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Lyra Caerwyn
Name: Lyra Caerwyn
Age: 25
Gender: female
Race: Tiger Therian (Panthera tigris bengalensis)
Hair Color/length: a coppery red, similar to the orange/red color of her fur. It falls to her hips.
Height: 5'7" (10'6" from nose to tail, in Tiger form. )
Weight: 130 lbs (857 lbs in Tiger form)
Appearance: Lyra is a toned, curvy young woman. She has vibrant, almond shaped, green eyes, and long, dark lashes. Her hair is thick and wavy, and luminous.  Lyra’s ears are pierced in numerous places along the edge of the ear with studs. The lower two piercings, located in the lobe, are gauged with Lucite tapers; one purple, one green.   Her typical outfit is comprised of tough, black leather boots, form fitting leather pants, and a white tunic with a lace up v-neck. (Lyra keeps the tunic unlaced, in order to show off the large paw print tattoo on her chest, just above her breasts) Lyra wears a simple jade necklace ar
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Alfhilde Radmund
Name: Alfhilde Rådmund
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Valkyrjan)
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 9 stone.
Appearance:  Rather tall for a female, she balances the height with her slim, but powerful body. Reaching down her back are coppery-blonde locks, usually tightly braided with wooden beads- treasures of her past raids. Framed by charcoal lashes are mysterious emerald eyes- completely different from those of her father Sigurrd, brother Thorson, or mother Brigid.
Personality: Until the death of her family, she was seemingly carefree- preferring an afternoon with Amagna (Her horse) to an afternoon cooped up within the confines of their family home. After their deaths however, she is swamped with a mix of emotions, ruled almost by them- sorrow, anger, and then finally curiosity after meeting with the person who killed them.
Background: Raised secretly, amidst strangers unknowing of her own blood, Alfhilde
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Miki Tanaraq
Name: Miki Tanaraq (Little Daughter of the Ice)
Age:  Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Vulpes Lagopus (Arctic Fox)
Height:  5’8” (Human); 95 cm. in length (Thropian)
Weight: 116 Lbs. (Human); 8 Lbs (Thropian)
Appearance:  Fairly slim, Miki Tanaraq is but a ‘spirit’ of Inuit belief. Her being is not ethereal, yet she has a natural affinity to nature- that is to say nature is reflected in her. Her eyes are possessed of winter storms; the color ranging from the iciest blues, to the lightest grays. Her body is of the wind- graceful and light.
She is usually found wearing a sealskin coat- protective against the winters chill- lined with the fur of her kind. Most of her clothing is protective, being seal skin and very plain, including her kamiks being of the toughest sealskin, and lightly decorated by symbols of the Inuit.  A carved inukhuk rests about her neck, formed in the likeness of
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Raiien Fynolt
Note: Raiien is designed to develop and grow throughout my RP experiences, making him gradually stronger, faster, more powerful, etc. In light of this you must never assume him to be the same if you encounter him in RP more than once.
   Raiien Fynolt (Ray-een Fee-nolt)
   Raiien's exact age is currently lost to the ages, known only to the few who remember them.
   94kg -/- 141lbs
   Raiien is a tall man, with piercing, green, cat-like eyes. He often wears soft, black cloth trousers and a dark tunic, the symbol of the Templars emblazoned in gold silk on the left sleeve. Over this, he wears a black coat with a high collar that almost reaches his ears. An expensive looking silver longsword is sheathed at Raiien's left hip, fine silver de
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Tika Corthina
Name: Tika Corthina
Age: 1225 Looks about 25
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145lbs
Strawberry blond hair which is usually in a bun or ponytail. Dark blue almond shaped eyes. Her face is pale and child like with a few light brown freckles. Her lips are a pale pink and thin.  Her attire consists of a dark blue or crimson corset, either a black or gray floor length skirt, a pair of black boots.  She will occasionaly dress a bit more casual, which consists of a baby doll t-shirt and a pair of boot cut jeans.  She usually wears a long coat in bad weather.
Vampyre Form:
Her eyes become a lighter blue, her fangs growing longer, and her nails turning into razor sharp claws.
Personality: Not very trusting.  Because of her line of work, she has become very skeptical of everyone around her.  She chooses her friends carefully.  She can be caring when need be.  Normally she is very cold, and cynical
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Character sheet for DAU RP
Name:  Max, short for Maxine
Age: in her 90s, she's relatively young
Gender: Female
Race:  Vampire
Height:  5 feet. Small but fierce.
Weight: around 100 lbs
Appearance:  Max is a petite little lady, prone to dressing in a mix of 20's fashion and classic victorian ladies wear, depending on her mood. She has chocolate brown eyes that always seem to be laughing, and well shaped lips that are often found curled into a playful grin, the freckles adorning her cheeks completing the girlish image. Her hair, when left to it's own devices is a mass of fiery curls, but she keeps it short, and relatively controlled. She's curvy, but still doesn't seem to be comfortable with that fact, having been raised in the twenties where the whole point of women's fashion was to conceal the shape.
Personality: She's more playful and fun than is to be expected in most vampires, but has a horrible temper. When she's mad she's quite explosive, especially when people underes
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Name:  Liadan  [pronounced LEE-dan] (surname unknown)
Age:    857
Gender:  Female
Race:   Vampyre
Height:   5'2
Weight:  110lbs
Appearance:   Long dark red hair, pale skin with few freckles, and glowing blue eyes (typical of vampyres), petite but holds an aura of menace
Personality:    Highly intelligent and muse-like, she is usually quiet and speaks with great thought to her words, will trick others who aren't so careful in choosing theirs
Background:    Liadan was born in Ireland in 1152 to a poor farmer's widow who conceived her 10 years after her husband had died.  Refusing to name the man who impregnated her, saying it was no human man, it was widely speculated that it was the work of an Incubus (a male faerie and counterpart to the succubus.)  Early in her youth she was treated with much stigma, but after passing test
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Vidar V2
::Note: This character is designed to develop and grow throughout my RP experiences, making him gradually stronger, faster, more powerful, etc. In light of this you must never assume him to be the same if you encounter him in RP more than once::
Name: Vidar.
Age: Roughly 2,500 years.
Gender: Male.
Race: Vampyricus Dominus  [An Elder of the species].
Height: 6"6'.
Coven: The Leðrblaka.
Appearance: Vidar's features are strong. His posture is perfect, with the movements and gait of a nobleman. Extremely penetrating blue eyes radiate from his facial features, contrasted with long white hair flowing past his shoulder blades. His body is well built, complementing his dominating height, though not excessively so. It is clear that Vidar is of Scandinavian origins.
Vidar's appearance usually differs between durable attire, and finery, l
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Keres Serafine
Name: Keres Serafine
Age:  926 years old
Gender: female
Race: werefox/kitsune
Height: 5'2 (human form) 35 inches long head to tail, approx. 1'5 at the shoulder (fox form)
Weight: 110 lbs (human form) 20 lbs (fox form)
Appearance:     Keres has dark, copper red hair that she often keeps tied back in a loose ponytail/braid that comes roughly to her waist.  Her eyes are a darker shade of greenish grey and seemed to be filled with immense curiosity.  Because of this, she is usually mistaken to have a look of wide-eyed innocence when in reality she is quite cunningly taking in her every surroundings and scheming up ways to use anything she can to her advantage should the need arise.  She has a slow, methodical gait making her seem non-chalant but possesses surprisingly quick reflexes. She can often be seen wearing simple, muted colors and depending on her purpose and mood may often switch bet
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Valerica Marilena Nadezdha
Name: Valerica Marilena Nadezdha
Age: Roughly 1,439 (born 70 years or so after the Corvinus strain)
Gender: female
Race: Hybrid
Height: 5'5
Weight: 135lbs
Appearance: fair of skin with long black hair that is usually pulled back and striking violet eyes, gives off the look of deadly grace
Personality:  She is usually very reserved and prefers to wait in the sidelines and observe.  When she does take action, it is usually swift and finite.  Also has a tendency to hold grudges and make someone's life a living Hell if they cross her.
In 500 AD, a Hungarian warlord is the sole survivor of a devastating plague.  His name was Alexander Corvinus.  He had two sons, Marcus, bitten by a bat, became the first of a race of people later termed 'vampyres.'  His twin brother William, bitten by a wolf, became the first of the race later termed 'lycans.'  While vampires retained their human sha
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New Blood same ol' Game
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RPG Masquerade Week

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 4, 2010, 1:53 PM

Time for something different!
Hello fellow Rp addicts! Orestiad here. Just an update to tell you all about the event we are holding this coming week, starting on the 6th of January and continuing until the 13th.

It's going to be held in the main room, so #DAUnderworld, and like the title suggests it's going to be a Masquerade of sorts. This means that YOU, our lovely bunch of members get to come into the room AS your Rp character(s).
Just make an account for your character, for example, GabrielCarne and Erys-Mournheart, then join the room and slip into character for a good chat and some fun!

Any questions, feel free to contact the Elders or Hybrids.

Hybrids (Founders):
:iconraini-tempest: :iconvampyrwolf: :iconaneyolf:

Elders (Operators):
:iconahollowvoice: :iconflyinghamsterofdoom: :iconcaptainozz: :iconorestiad:

TherianEnforcers, DeathDealers, and ImmortalWatchers (Helpers):
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